In Stores 8/23

Some books of interest coming to a comic store near you...

Absolute Dark Knight HC - Frank Miller's groundbreaking Dark Knight books get the DC Absolute treatment. For $100, you get The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again in oversized volumes in a beautiful slipcase with a new introduction by Miller himself, as well as plenty of other bonus material like excerpts from the original plot and sketchbook material.

Promethea Book 5 TP - The final collection of Alan Moore and J.H. William III's masterpiece is finally being released in softcover, collecting issues 26-32.

Death Note (Volume 7) - Beware of spoilers for this volume of the popular manga. Best to pick it up ASAP.

Heroes For Hire #1 - Spinning out of Civil War, Marvel introduces a group of heroes who band together to track down fugitives who have refused to abide by the Superhero Registration Act. Included on the team are Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Shang-Chi, Black Cat, Paladin and the new Tarantula.

Walt & Skeezix (Volume 2) HC - The second volume of Frank King's comic strip collects the daily material from 1923-1924, and includes an eighty page introduction by Jeet Heer.


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