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Top 20 Comics of 2013

These are my favorite comics of 2013, including manga, superheroes, graphic novels, reprints, etc. I try to be as true to how I feel about a book as possible when ranking them, which is why it may seem odd for some to see a superhero title hardly anyone read rank over an acclaimed graphic novel. If I enjoyed my experience of reading it more, it was placed higher on my list. Anyways, these are my favorite twenty comics of the year. I hope you enjoy my list, and hopefully check out some books that may have eluded you. Honorable Mentions Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Andrew Chambliss, Georges Jeanty, Jane Espenson & Various ) Courtney Crumrin ( Ted Naifeh ) Gold Pollen and Other Stories ( Seiichi Hayashi ) Marble Season ( Gilbert Hernandez ) Soulless ( Gail Carriger & REM ) 20. Mouse Guard: The Black Axe ( David Petersen ) - Petersen takes us back in history to tell the tale of the mouse who wields the black axe, and his confrontation with the sinister weasels.  T