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Best Manga of 2013

2013 saw a lot of great manga, from beautifully packaged products featuring classic manga masters, to excellent volumes of new ongoing titles.  It's always hard to narrow down my favorites to just ten books, but I've done just that in the following list.  The top books on this list will also be featured in my forthcoming overall best comics of 2013 list.  So, in my opinion, these are the best manga that the year had to offer... 1.  Kitaro ( Shigeru Mizuki ) - Shieru Mizuki is known for specializing in stories about yokai, and this collection really showcases his strength in that area.  A Japanese pop culture figure, Kataro is a one-eyed monster boy with special powers, and a knack for dealing with pesky yokai.  Mizuki weaves wonderful stories here, full of monsters and demons, some genuinely creepy with images that will stay with you, and others more light-hearted and funny.  This impressive omnibus edition that Drawn & Quarterly has released is the perfect introduct