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Best in Music 2016

Here we go again.  2016 was another great year in music and these are my favorite songs and albums of the year. 10 Best Albums of 2016 1. Midnight Machines by Lights - In 2014, Lights released an album called Little Machines , full of fast-paced dance songs.  Two years later, and she drops this gem, almost a retelling of those same songs.  In Midnight Machines , Lights pares back her sound, letting her voice do the storytelling, and packs what were dance songs with an emotion that is staggering.  The songs are mostly accompanied by strings and the slow burn of each song is very impactful and just lovely.  It may have begun as an experiment, but it's stunning how these gems were polished off to reveal a beautiful gleam beneath the flash of synthesizers. Key Tracks: Meteorites , Running with the Boys, Muscle Memory 2. 99 Cents by Santigold - Santigold has always been one to experiment with her sound, and she doesn't disappoint on her latest album, but she also cra

This Song: True Disaster

True Disaster by Tove Lo