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Best in Music: 2021 (and 2020)

Like most art, music is subjective, a product of environment, exposure and innate feelings. I personally respond to sound more than lyrics, as music is an audio medium, and I gravitate toward interesting sounds, epic crescendo, dance beats and smooth vocals. I prefer female singers, in the singer/songwriter, alternative, pop/rock and dance genres. My list here is a gut reaction to what resonates with me, and I hope someone discovers something from this list that they enjoy as much as I do. I really wasn't in a headspace to sort through music to compile a list last year, so along with my favorite songs from 2021, I have created a separate list for songs from 2020. Following these, I have my favorite albums from both years ranked together. Enjoy! 2 0 Best Songs of 2021: 1. Comeback by HAERTS 2. Surrender by Birdy 3. Purge the Poison by MARINA 4. Drugs in California by Transviolet 5. Shivering by HAERTS 6. Think of Me by The Veronicas 7. Horsie by Kate Nash 8. deja vu by Oliv

Excalibur Marvel Legends

 I was a huuuuuuge fan of Excalibur growing up. Initially, I fell in love with the Marvel Universe trading card of Shadowcat (the neighborhood kids were collecting the cards, so I wanted to also). From there, I quickly looked into the comic books she was in, beginning with the comic she was in at the time (Excalibur) and later, earlier issues of X-Men. I collected every issue of Excalibur from back issue bins and ravenously tore through and reread new issues as they came out. So, of course, I am sooooo excited that Marvel Legends released an Excalibur boxset, featuring several of these characters I grew up with. I kind of can't believe that there is an actual Meggan action figure. And I am geeking out over Shadowcat. But of course now that this set is out there, I'm hungry for more. So, I made some mock-ups of what several waves of Excalibur Marvel Legends would look like, including a figure of Rachel Summers, one of the founding members yet to have a figure released. Of course

Marvel Legends Wishlist (Updated 2021)

Checking in two years later on my Marvel Legends wish list! From my previous list, Hasbro has made: Emma Frost (White Queen version), Selene (Black Queen), Nimrod, Sunspot, Firestar, Lady Deathstrike, The Hood, Quasar, Darkstar, Moira MacTaggert (Moira X), Tigra, Callisto, The Watcher, High Evolutionary, Meggan, and Age of Apocalypse Kitty Pryde! I still want to see: Essentials Siryn Brood Crystal Deathbird Spiral Necessary Agent Abigail Brand Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan) Husk Dr. Cecelia Reyes Monet (Penance) Phoenix (Rachel Summers Excalibur costume) Sersi (comic version) Mantis (comic version) Hepzibah Moondragon Pixie Quake Chamber Starhawk Destiny Belasco Magma Lyja Ahab Longshots Amanda Sefton (Daytripper) Aleta Manta Oracle Saturnyne (Sat-yr-9) Shard Fascination (Scatterbrain) Amelia Voght Chinadoll Tommy Pete Wisdom Warwolves Cerise Elixir Broo BAFs Armor Mephisto Devil Dinosaur Celestial Blob