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Top Ten Comics of 2019

My favorite comics of 2019 includes a mixture of manga, lit comics, superhero works, and fantasy titles.  As always, I'm sure that I didn't get to read everything I would have liked, but this is a damn good list of comics from the year. 10. Gunnerkrigg Court (Volume 7): Synthesis Thomas Siddell Thomas Siddell continues to impress with Antimony Carver and her friends at Gunnerkrigg Court.  The politics of the court, the intriguing mythology of the forest, the complicated relationships and shadowy histories of the people who revolve around Antimony - it's all just masterfully handled.  A lot has happened over the course of seven volumes, and I still get surprised by the turns that occur, including several shocking moments in Synthesis .  I really enjoy the pacing of these stories - whether it's a quiet moment among friends or a tense exchange, or an all-out mystical battle, Siddell balances it all nicely with a deft hand. 9. Blood of the Virgin (from  Kra