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This Song: Man Didn't Walk on the Moon

Man Didn't Walk on the Moon by Nerina Pallot

Dark Genesis - New Epilogue!

As I bring Dark Genesis into print, I am adding an epilogue to Alyssa's story.  It's the original ending I had planned for the story, and left out because I was unsure if I was going to continue the story as a trilogy.  This new epilogue will bridge the gap between Dark Genesis and the return to the world of witches in the next Hunters of the Dark book, Dark Revelations .  It also ties up some loose threads in Dark Genesis , while, you know, leaving some more loose threads.  But I always thought that this was an appropriate ending for the book, and now it will be the official ending. If you already have the e-book version of Dark Genesis , usually simply archiving the book on your device and redownloading it will produce the updated version.  Some devices will let you know that there's an updated version that you can download automatically.  I've also included it below, for those of you who can't wait for the new version to hit the various markets.  Enjoy, frie