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Hunters of the Dark #8 Teaser

I have set aside some current projects to focus on where my passions lie at the moment, which happens to be with our favorite monster hunters.  I'm very excited for this next book that merges the world I created in Dark Genesis with the Hunters of the Dark series.  And I kind of can't contain myself any longer, and NEED to share a little bit of what I'm writing.  So, here's a little teaser of the eighth book in the Hunters of the Dark series, Dark Revelations ... Prologue “While our best and our brightest are playing interference with last week’s Kaiju Incident, it’s only a matter of time before we will have to act to protect ourselves,” Bast said, addressing the other members of La Faer Noir from a standing position.   She looked around at the other elders as she spoke, her eyes meeting each and every member, as if speaking directly to them.   “So far, we’ve managed to focus the media on the idea of a genetic experiment gone awry.   We’ve kept the genetic