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The Athena Corps

The seventh book in the Hunters of the Dark series is on sale now!  Get The Athena Corps from Smashwords , Amazon and Barnes & Noble now!

The Athena Corps Sample #2

Prologue II Twelve years ago… “You stay alert now, boy.” Brett nodded, glancing over at his father, sitting next to him in the camouflage tent.   He took a swig of beer, and Brett averted his eyes. A snapping sound to his left caught Brett’s attention and he looked over to catch sight of a doe.   It sauntered near the edge of the clearing he and his father were watching.   It grazed on some leaves from some brush, oblivious to the danger it was in. Brett’s heart immediately began to thump furiously in his chest. The doe was beautiful, with large black eyes, and muscles that moved just beneath a coat of velvety brown fur.   It was graceful and lovely.   It didn’t seem right to kill a creature so pure. “I don’t think we’re going to catch any deer today, Pa,” Brett said loudly, hoping to startle the doe away. “Not with you yammering on like that, we won’t,” his father muttered.   “But we came out here to make a man out of you, and that’s what we’re gonna do, if

The Athena Corps Sample #1

Prologue I Fourteen years ago… It was snowing. Natalia should have been cold, but she wasn’t.   She was disoriented.   The snow layered everything in white.   Everywhere she looked, it was white.   She couldn’t see any paths in the forest anymore.   She stopped and looked up, snowflakes falling fast around her.   Some landed on her face, but she didn’t mind as they melted against her warm flesh.   Tree branches were covered in snow, and some sagged under the weight until it was too much and the snow rolled off in clumps, the limbs bouncing back up again like springs. She was supposed to be looking for something, she knew.   If anything went wrong, she was supposed to look for…a circle?   She frowned.   She couldn’t remember.   Her head was swimmy.   She put a small hand to her forehead and grunted at the pain the touch caused her.   She looked down at her hand, slick with crimson.   It was thick and dark and dripped from her fingers into the snow at her feet.   She sta

Top 5: Marvel Magic

Doctor Strange opens up this weekend at the box office, so what better time to take a look at my favorite magic users from the Marvel Universe? 1. Amanda Sefton (Daytripper, Magik) 2. Magik (Illyana Rasputin) 3. Selene (The Black Queen) 4. Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan) 5. Margali Szardos

Dead of Night in print!

Dead of Night , the fourth book in the Hunters of the Dark series in now available in print!! Amazon Barnes & Noble Createspace

Athena Corps Description

"Agent Ross will stop at nothing to track down Krystal and The Athena Corps.   But Ross has been exposed to the hunters under her command, and Natalia and Brett struggle with what to do with the information at the same time as they must confront truths about themselves that have come to light.   Meanwhile, a series of events draws the hunters closer to a confrontation in Japan, where mysterious experiments could have dire consequences for everyone." The Athena Corps - available November 23rd.