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50 Most Important Albums (To My Life)

These are the fifty albums that I was attached to in my formative years as a child/teenager that shaped the type of person I turned out to be.  All female singers.  I was very gay from the get-go. The Immaculate Collection - Madonna (1990) My jams: Into the Groove Like a Prayer Material Girl Vogue Unison - Celine Dion (1990) My jams: Have a Heart The Last To Know Unison Where Does My Heart Beat Now? Wilson Phillips - Wilson Phillips (1990) My jams: The Dream Is Still Alive Hold On Impulsive Release Me You're In Love Move To This - Cathy Dennis (1990) My jams: C'mon and Get My Love Just Another Dream Too Many Walls Touch Me (All Night Long) Heart in Motion - Amy Grant (1991) My jams: Baby Baby Every Heartbeat Hats I Will Remember You That's What Love is For Joyride - Roxette (1991) My jams: Fading Like a Flower (Every Time I See You) Hotblooded Joyride