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I haven't posted anything of substance for awhile now, and as I'm getting less and less time to focus on this blog due to my writing, I feel it's become rather neglected.  Picking out a comic book every week and highlighting items from Previews isn't enough to keep a blog going, so Comics-and-More is going to go on semi-hiatus.  I will not be posting regularly, but when I do have something of substance to say, I will post it, whether that be once a month or once every few months.  Follow this site if you want to be alerted to new posts, or check in every once awhile if you like.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past eight years (yes, it will be eight years next Tuesday!) and read my nearly-1,600 posts over that time, and feel free to follow me on twitter or through my author site .  It's been an incredible experience, and while you haven't heard the last of me here, I hope that when you do hear from me, my words will make more of an impact