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"The Athena Corps" Soundtrack

Shadow Preachers by Zella Day Warriors by Farao Tennessee by Kiiara Big Man by Dia Walking Up by Pete Yorn Cascades by Metric Delilah by Florence + The Machine Running with the Wolves by AURORA Don't Believe in Stars by Trent Dabbs Summer Day by Zealyn

Secret Santa has a new cover!

I know, I know - Fall is just beginning.  But holiday books are already showing up in stores, as they seem to show up earlier and earlier every year.  This year, just in time for the holidays, Secret Santa will be available in print.  It's already available through Createspace and will trickle down to other retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon soon.  I'm really happy with the design for this one, and I hope you all love it too! Secret Santa is my first young reader novel, and blends the Santa Claus story with European myths of faerie, in a magical adventure tale. Synopsis: Holly Hamilton hates Christmas. Since her parents died last year, she's been watching out for her brother in an orphanage, where they pick pockets for the unforgiving Mr. Grott, who's some sort of supervillain-in-training.  The looming holiday brings back painful memories for Holly, and her brother getting his hopes up for presents he will never receive serves to make her feel an

Ten things to expect to see in The Athena Corps

1 – A group of psychics named The Athena Corps, who have also been mentioned in previous “Hunters of the Dark” novels as The Children of Athena. 2 – A focus on hunters Natalia and Brett, revealing aspects of their mysterious pasts. 3 – Shanna Hunt plays an important role, but does not appear in the book. 4 – Agent Ross revealed. 5 – A wish will be granted. 6 – Alyssa from “Dark Genesis” comes into the fold. 7 – Phoenix eggs. 8 – Yumiko Sato from “Yokai,” who has appeared in the series before, will make an appearance. 9 – An unexpected kiss. 10 – More than one hunter will die.

This Song: Don't Believe in Stars

Don't Believe in Stars by Trent Dabbs

Top 20: Classic Fiction

Some things you can't fit onto a top five list, so here's the first of a series of top twenty lists.  Having graduated with a B.A. in English, I have an affection for the classics and even to this day strive to read one a month.  These are my personal favorites. 1. The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe The Mysteries of Udolpho has been thrilling readers for over two hundred years and holds a critically important place in the history of gothic literature, the rise of romanticism, and the development of the modern detective novel. The novel has something for everyone: Although Radcliffe subtitled The Mysteries of Udolpho "a romance," this gothic thriller is also in part a travelogue, a sentimental novel, a novel of manners, a female Bildungsroman, and a mystery--it even contains a selection of poems. While readers will enjoy wondering whether heroine Emily St. Aubert will ever escape the clutches of her step-uncle Montoni to reunite with her stalwa

Top 5: Women of Star Trek

The first episode of the original Star Trek series aired fifty years ago today.  As I'm a huge Star Trek fan, I wanted to acknowledge it in some way, and since I love strong female characters, I thought I would take a look at my favorites from the various Star Trek shows.  There are plenty of great characters to choose form, but these are my favorites... 1. Lwaxana Troi ( Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ) 2. Ro Laren ( Star Trek: The Next Generation ) 3. Seven of Nine ( Star Trek: Voyager ) 4. Kathryn Janeway ( Star Trek: Voyager ) 5. Deanna Troi ( Star Trek: The Next Generation )

Cover Reveal: The Athena Corps!


This Song: Heard It From a Friend

Heard It From a Friend by LOLO

The Tomb now in print!

My horror novel "The Tomb" is now available in print!  Who needs a scary read for Halloween? Amazon Barnes & Noble Createspace "The Tomb" is a special case.  It is a standalone novel, but if you're a fan of the "Hunters of the Dark" series, you'll also see that this is a prequel story for one of the main characters of the series, Rachel.  You don't have to know a thing about "Hunters of the Dark" to enjoy "The Tomb," however.  It's a creepy, atmospheric horror novel all on its own.