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Osamu Tezuka I love Osamu Tezuka and pretty much buy everything published from him when it comes state-side.  The latest offering I picked up was Unico .  This is a 400-page omnibus paperback that collects the complete run of the series, originally funded by Kick Starter, and published by DMP. While I am a big champion of all-ages titles, there are those few that are just a bit too cute, to the point where they kind of grate on your teeth.  And unfortunately Unico falls under that umbrella.  As a unicorn, Unico brings lifelong happiness to anyone who loves him, and when jealous Venus sees how happy the beautiful Psyche is to be with him, she snatches him from her, and whisks him away, with no memory, across time and space.  Unfortunately for her, Unico is so kind and lovable that everywhere he finds himself, he manages to find someone to love him and bring happiness to, so he is continually being transplanted to a new life, with no memory of the previous ones.  This gets very re