Claws #1 (of 3)

Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Joe Linsner

A new three issue mini-series from Marvel debuted this past week, throwing together an unlikely pair in a fight for their lives. Wolverine and The Black Cat have both been kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter and are being hunted on an island for sport (that plot just never gets old) by various men and women with big shiny weapons. The portrayal of the characters involved is much more cartoony than most people will be used to, but that being said, it's certainly not a bad thing. It's a fun light-hearted adventure story that highlights the silly side of these characters (and their relationships with Spider-Man and the X-Men, respectively). The art by Joe Linsner is perfectly suited for this type of story and is just gorgeous besides. I love his designs for both characters involved, but particularly The Black Cat, who's never looked better and, indeed, hasn't been much of a visual period before this take. I have a feeling that people will be surprised at how much they enjoy reading this title. B+


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