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Best in Music 2014

The following are my favorite songs and albums of 2014, another great year in music. For songs, I kept it to one song per artist to feature the most talent, and overall, it makes for one hell of a mixed CD if anyone's looking for some great tunes. I do tend to gravitate toward female singers, but there are some guys in there to mix it up. Enjoy! 10 Best Albums of 2014   1. Gypsy Heart by Colbie Caillat - Colbie Caillat's latest album has a down-to-earth, Bohemian style with a lot of pared-back sounds, but she uses unique sounds in smart ways to enhance songs with just a touch of something fun, like in my favorite song off of the album, If You Love Me Let Me Go.  You can tell that Colbie has fun writing and singing these songs, and it feels like it really comes from an honest place.  The sounds are great and melodic, the lyrics are heartfelt, and this solid CD deserves the title of Best Album this year. Key Tracks: If You Love Me Let Me Go , Try, Never Gonna L