In Stores 1/16

Patrick and I are back from a mini-vacation, so we should be posting a little more regularly now. And I'm happy to say that I picked up a few items I'd missed at the local comic stores recently, so watch out for those. But first things first: our picks of the most promising books shipping to comic shops this Wednesday.

Patrick's pick:

Mome Vol. 10 - In addition to work by the regular Mome cartoonists, the first issue of the new year features a cover by Al Columbia, the conclusion of Jim Woodring’s “The Lute String,” an interview with contributor Tom Kaczynski, and comics by Dash Shaw and Jeremy Eaton.

Dave's pick:

Bone (Color Edition) Volume 7: Ghost Circles - A little light in terms of exciting releases this week, so I went with a classic, in the process of being colored for a younger audience that seems pretty ravenous for the series, if sales in bookstores are any indication. Ghost Circles is probably my least favorite volume of Jeff Smith's Bone saga, but it's still a fantastic read.


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