In Stores 12/9

Here are the highlights of books available in comic shops tomorrow!

Pick of the Week

Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box (Volume 1) SC - Yeah, it may not be comics, but it's coming from a comics publisher (Fantagraphics Books) and it's going to be awesome!  My love of horror movies goes back to the days when I'd browse the covers of VHSs at the local video store to pick one out to take home with me.

Other Noteworthy Releases

The Boys Definitive Edition (Volume 2) HC
Dante's Inferno #1 (of 6)
Dark Reign: Underside TP
Daytripper #1 (of 10)
DC Holiday Special 2009
Hot Gimmick VizBig Edition (Volume 3)
Inu Yasha (Volume 43)
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Sub-Mariner (Volume 3) HC
Ms. Marvel (Volume 7): Dark Reign TP
The Muppet Show #0
Nation X #1 (of 4)
New Avengers Annual #3
One Piece (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) Set: East Blue
Pilot Season: Murderer #1
Sky Doll (Volume 1) TP
Spider-Man: Red-Headed Stranger HC
Spider-Man and Secret Wars #1 (of 4)
Terra TP
Tomb of Dracula Omnibus (Volume 2) HC
What If Classic (Volume 6) TP
X-Factor: Overtime HC
X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #1 (of 4)
X-Necrosha: Gathering
Yotsuba&! (Volume 7)


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