In Stores 12/3

New books won't be available in comic shops until Thursday this week - here are the highlights!

Pick of the Week

The Comics Journal #300 - This special 300th issue of The Comics Journal features conversations between new creators beginning to earn a name for themselves, and established cartoonists/writers, including huge names like Art Spiegelman, Jaime Hernandez, David Mazzucchelli, Stan Sakai, Frank Quitely, Matt Fraction, Dash Shaw, Kevin Huizenga, Sammy Harkham, Alison Bechdel, and many, many more.  This issue also marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the magazine, as from here on out, the issues will be semi-annual thick issues, with a big on-line presence that will make The Comics Journal more current in keeping with the pulse of the comics industry, one of its more noted criticisms as of late.  Check out the soft launch of the new site here.

Other Noteworthy Releases

365 Samurai & a Few Bowls of Rice SC
Beanworld (Volume 3): Remember Here HC
Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary GN
Black Widow and the Marvel Girls #1 (of 4)
Blackest Night: The Flash #1 (of 3)
Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1 (of 3)
Bleach (Volume 29)
Dark Avengers Annual #1
The Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #1 (of 5)
Demons of Sherwood GN - Read my review of the on-line comic here.
Emma (Volume 10)
Essential X-Factor (Volume 3)
Ex Machina Deluxe Edition (Volume 2) HC
Eyeshield 21 (Volume 29)
Fall of the Hulks: Alpha
GoGo Monster GN
Honey & Clover (Volume 8)
Hot Gimmick VizBig Edition (Volume 3)
Hulk: Winter Guard One-Shot
Iron Man vs. Whiplash #1 (of 4)
JSA All Stars #1
The Legend of Zelda (Volume 8)
Little Lulu (Volume 21): Miss Feeny's Folly & Stories
Magic Touch (Volume 5)
Mixed Vegetables (Volume 6)
Monkey High (Volume 8)
Myspace Dark Horse Presents (Volume 4) TP
New Mutants: Return of Legion HC
Next Men (Volume 2) HC
One Model Nation GN
One Piece (Volume 23)
Popeye (Volume 4): Plunder Island HC
Rosario Vampire (Volume 10) - Final Volume!
Secret History (Book 7)
Siege: Cabal One-Shot
Slam Dunk (Volume 7)
Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face #1 (of 4)
Trojan War HC
Yellow Omnibus (Volume 1)


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