Top 5: Comic-con Trailers

Alright, friends!  I'm going to be doing a series of posts, more or less weekly, where I present the five best (well, my five favorite) in a category.  With all of the theatrical trailers coming out of Comic-con this weekend, it's a perfect time to present what I think were the five most exciting trailers!

1.  Wonder Woman

2.  Kong: Skull Island

3.  Luke Cage

4.  Blair Witch

5.  Doctor Strange


No love for the fascinatingly weird, "Legion," trailer?
It was a little bit of a toss-up between Doctor Strange and Legion for me. Legion does look interesting - it's an intriguing premise, but the visuals in Doctor Strange just make me more excited to see that movie than I am to watch Legion. It definitely put Legion on my radar though!

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