The Dreamer #1

Lora Innes
The award-winning webcomic The Dreamer saw print this past week, through IDW Publishing. The book, by Lora Innes, follows high school girl Beatrice Whaley, a popular drama nerd whose crush has finally noticed her in a big way. But following a recent dream where she's transported to 1776 during the American Revolution, she can't seem to get a man from the past out of her head. His name is Warren and he's part of Knowlton's Rangers, a group of teachers, farmers, etc. turned soldiers, and he courageously saves Beatrice's life from the enemy and sweeps her off her feet. I can definitely see the appeal of the book - there's high romance, an interesting contrast between her life in high school and the dreamscapes of war, and the art is charming (although a bit stiff at times). By the conclusion of the first issue of the series, the characters are still a bit flat, but that could certainly change as the story progresses, just as the art could get a little more solid (there is some really nice art here, I just wish it were a bit more consistent). There are just a few things keeping this book from being something really great and I hope to see them ironed out over the next few issues - this is a six issue mini-series, so there's still a good chunk of story to go. And thus far, it's a fun story that bounces between slice-of-life and high adventure.


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