Living Statues

Emily Blair

A one-shot comic from the talented Emily Blair hits comic shelves this July (courtesy of Locust Street Comics) and should get more notice than it inevitably will. The black and white issue follows a cynical teacher on a trip to Florence with his class, where he sees that things have changed from his visit as a college student, for the worse. Particulalry in the form of the living statues, who pose as David and Neptune, stone-still, for money. But his contempt goes beyond that, as he sees all of the tourists, his students, his fellow chaperones, as simple and unappreciative beings. This lonely, bitter man wonders how those around him would react to different situations (like if he fell over a guard rail) and lets a stray word slip here and there as he does his best to alienate himself among the beautiful art that I can only think of calling a woodcut sort of style. It's a very interesting look and a work with a lot of depth, particularly impressive for a single 32-page work. I encourage people to watch for this one when it comes out. A


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