In Passing...Batman to Athena Voltaire

Batman #658
Grant Morrison & Andy Kubert

Grant Morrison's first arc on Batman - Batman & Son - concluded with this issue, offering a satisfying conclusion to what was an overall underwhelming read. Issue two was the only real standout in this very straight forward run, but the creative team managed to make the annoying character introduced to the universe seem, well, at least not so unappealing in the end. C

Eternals #5 (of 6)
Neil Gaiman & John Romita Jr.

Gaiman and Romita continue to weave an intriguing story featuring the Eternals. With this issue, the pieces are all laid out for the final issue and the battle waiting in the wings. Of all the issues released, this is the one that feels most like it's setting things up and not really a satisfying read in itself, though the build-up is plenty fun to watch. B

Fables #55
Bill Willingham & Mark Buckingham

The conference taking place in the Homelands concludes as Pinnochio relates what Fabletown's retaliation to an outright attack against their world would look like, leading to an interesting conclusion to the meeting. This arc started out with a lot of promise, but it sort of fizzled out as it proceeded... B-

Devi #5
Samit Basu & Mukesh Singh

This particular issue of Devi accomplishes something few comics do nowadays: it takes advantage of the comics medium to relate a really great story that can't be done in another form. As the battle over Tara's life is waged around her, the gods bequeath their gifts to their vessel to awaken her as the latest incarnation of a superbeing. Perfectly paced with great action and a real palpable tension. A

Athena Volatire: Flight of the Falcon #2 (of 4)
Steve Bryant & Paul Daly

Athena Voltaire continues to delight as our heroine performs some dazzling feats with the aid of her friends to attempt to thwart the Third Reich. The art seemed a little stiffer in this issue than previously, but it was still a fantastic read with plenty of action as the story moves toward its concluding chapters. A-


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