New Avengers: The Sentry

You know, I don't care what anyone says about the New Avengers. It is a damn good superhero book. This past storyline focused on the Sentry, and it was a really imaginative story, giving a grand story behind the character and propelling him to the forefront of the series with the other Avengers, meanwhile answering questions like how come nobody knows this guy? Aside from the background of the Sentry, Bendis also introduces the concept of a secret group of the most powerful and influential leaders from different corners of the Marvel universe, gathering from time to time to discuss matters of the utmost importance, such as the Sentry in this story. Among its members are Professor Xavier, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Blackbolt, Doctor Strange and Iron Man. It just made complete sense and was a great idea. Now, Steve McNiven's art in this storyline was phenomenal as well. I've loved McNiven since his work on Meridian, and I'm extremely happy anytime he graces the pages of other comics I read (I bought Marvel Knight's 4 just for his art, and least the art was great). I can't be the only one who wishes McNiven were the regular artist of the series. It was a damn shame that Finch did the covers throughout his run. Ah, well. Patrick had mentioned with issue number nine, which I think is one of the best single superhero issues of the year, that Emma Frost's dialogue sounded a bit off, not as sharp as it usually was under the hand of Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon. I could see it with this final issue of the arc, as I was looking for it, but that's a small price to pay for the great story I was just treated to.


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