Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In Stores 4/19

Books shipping to comic shops this week that you may want to give a second glance...

Mouse Guard (second printing) #1 - The first issue of the all-ages comic from Archaia Studios Press sold out very quickly. I was really anticipating this title before it came out. When it came and went without a copy in my possession, I freaked out a bit. But the internet is a beautiful thing and I was able to track down a copy. I was not disappointed. It isn't too late for anyone else out there who may have been wanting to take a look at the beautiful book that's getting a lot of praise. The second printing will be out before the second issue hits the stands, giving you another chance to jump on the bandwagon.

Jenna TP - Narwain Publishing's little horror book is finally collected. I haven't heard too much about it, but have been meaning to check it out. Unfortunately, I never saw a copy of this at my local comic shop either (yeah, Milwaukee doesn't have much variety in their stores).

Monster (volume 2) - The second installment of Naoki Urasawa's Monster comes to comic shops Wednesday, for those of you who haven't already snatched up a copy from your local Barnes & Noble. Read my review here.

New Mutants Classic (volume 1) - I really like this "Classic" series that Marvel's come out with. Nice full color paperback reprint presentations. Excalibur Classic (volume 1) was awesome and I've always wanted to read some New Mutants stories, and both of these series were probably a long way from getting an "Essential" volume.

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