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Yokai  The first book in a new YA urban fantasy series

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Previews Highlights: September 2015

I've scoured Previews Catalogue for the best of what the upcoming month has in store for comic shops.  Here's what's happening in September...

Comic Books

Captain America: White #1
Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

The latest in the creators' Color series for Marvel.

Power Cubed #1 (of 4)
Aaron Lopresti

A new mini-series from Aaron Lopresti, whom I've enjoyed since his Crossgen days.  This book's about a teenager who can create anything he wants by thinking it, with the help of an impossible piece of technology.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #50
Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman and Mateus Santolouco

The turtles vs. Shredder in a battle that decides the fate of New York.

Plutona #1 (of 4)
Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox

Five kids make the shocking discovery of the world's greatest superhero...dead in the woods.  Great looking art by Lenox, in the capable storytelling hands of Lemire.

Head Lopper #1
Andrew MacLean

An oddball comic with an indie feel from the creator of ApocalyptiGirl.


Grading Marvel's Battle World: Round Two

Marvel's Battle World is well under way, so let's take a look at more of the Secret Wars tie-ins.

Age of Apocalypse #1
Fabian Nicieza and Gerardo Sandoval

Cypher is hunted by agents of Apocalypse and rebels alike, for some destined role he will play in the future of the world ruled by the mad mutant Apocalypse.  With pretty minor powers, it's cool to see how his abilities come into play in a neat way.  And there are fun battles and interesting alliances going on.  It's rather enjoyable revisiting this post-apocalyptic world


Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1
Al Ewing and Alan Davis

The whole remembering-there-were-worlds-before and we-can't-talk-about-it thing is getting a little old by this point.  In this new title, which does not feature Brian Braddock as Captain Britain, but rather Faiza Hussain (from Captain Britain and MI-13) as the title character, we see two neighboring territories - Mondo City and Yinsen City, who do not get along, suddenly wit…


Ant-Man (Hank Pym)
First Appearance: Tales To Astonish #35 (1962)
Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby

Ant-Man (Scott Lang)
First Appearance: Avengers #181 (1979)
First Appearance as Ant-Man: Marvel Premiere #47 (1979)
Created by David Michelinie and John Byrne

Grading the New DC

The New 52 didn't last, and now DC is launching titles anew, and showing an interest in allowing its creators to have fun with the books, with the heavy-handed editorial side backing off a bit.  The New 52 would never have allowed such colorful takes on DC's beloved heroes.  But it seems that DC may be taking a page from Marvel's book, and allowing creators to let the books breathe a little bit, with some reinvention and fresh twists.  So, how are they doing so far?  I sampled some titles to find out.

Black Canary #1
Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu

Now, if this isn't a prime example of DC allowing creators to reinvent their characters, I don't know what is.  Lance finds herself the frontwoman of a punk rock band called Black Canary, and trouble seems to follow them everywhere, giving them a bad reputation.  Aliens attack and Lance's past is teased in this action-oriented title.  Wu's pencils give this a fresh, hip look to go along with the interesting place Fle…

These Trailers: DC

A slew of trailers debuted at Comic-Con this weekend.  Among the notables that are available for our viewing pleasure feature DC Comics characters.

"Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice"

"Suicide Squad"

This Song: Cascades

by Metric

Previews Highlights: August 2015

I've scoured Previews Catalogue for the best of what the upcoming month has in store for comic shops.  Here's what's happening in August...

Comics To Give a Try

House of M #1
Dennis Hopeless and Marco Failla

Relive Marvel's House of M event in this new Secret Wars series.

Batman '66 #26
Jeff Parker and Lukas Ketner

Popular DC villains who never made an appearance in the 60's Batman television series are making their way to the comic version of said series.  This issue sees Poison Ivy taking on the dynamic duo.

Graphic Novels To Read

City of Crocodiles GN
Knut Larsson

Post-apocalyptic fantasy from Sweden.

Diary of a Teenage Girl GN
Phoebe Gloeckner

This excellent graphic novel is coming back into print, what with a movie on the horizon.

Collected Editions To Buy

A.K.A. Jessica Jones: Alias (Volume 1) TP
Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos and Bill Sienkiewicz

This fantastic series has been out of print for awhile now, but with a TV series on the horizon from Netflix, it'…