Monday, April 17, 2006

DC Solicits: July '06

Highlights of DC books shipping in July...

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #5 - What an awesome ass-ah cover. Oh, Frank Miller, why are you so awesome?

Batman #655 - Written by Grant Morrison!! One of the few DCU characters I actually know something about is about to become the All-Star version. It's about time - Batman should be one of the top books and it should be good.

Jack of Fables #1 - From the pages of Fables, Jack gets his own book. An outcast from Fabletown, this follows his adventures in the Mundy world. I personally hated the Jack story last year and will give this a single issue to blow me away.

American Virgin #5 - A new story arc begins, but what really made me point this one out was the cover (pictured to the left). I loved the Frank Quitely covers, but man, I love Josh Middleton's covers better...

Doom Patrol: Musclebound TP - Collects 42-50 of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol.

Promethea Book 5 TP - The last issues of Alan Moore's Promethea are collected in softcover.

Absolute Dark Knight HC - Frank Miller's acclaimed The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again are collected together in a new hardcover with a beautiful new Miller cover, and plenty of extra goodies to make it worth the $100 pricetag (maybe).

See the full July solicitations by DC Comics at Newsarama.

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