Monday, April 03, 2006

The Portent

The Portent, written and illustrated by Peter Bergting, made its debut this past month courtesy of Image Comics. The first issue follows a young man as he ventures into a valley inhabited by mostly the dead. A group of seers have forseen his coming, including a young woman named Lin. Lin has seen a portent, a sign of great calamity, and expects this man to be a champion of sorts to battle the forces that threaten them. It's all very vague at this point. But Lin, upon speaking with this stranger whom the gods have supposedly sent, is subjected to ridicule by the stranger and is rather frustrated with this "hero," as he shows no interest in fighting in their behalf and seems to have no redeeming qualitites. Bergting sets up a story that could really go either way at this point, but I must admit that I do enjoy the gloomy, dark atmosphere of the world we are introduced to, as well as the art, which was obviously influenced heavily by Mike Mignola. I wouldn't recommend going out of my way to search for the first issue of the series, but if the story sounds interesting, I certainly wouldn't try to sway you from picking it up. If you want to see some of the art before committing, go to Image's website, where you'll find a five-page preview.

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