Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Alice In Wonderland

Rod Espinosa's New Alice In Wonderland #1 is a very close adaptation to the classic children's book by Lewis Carroll. Espinosa makes little use of creative license, keeping it very sparce in terms of altering plot. So, if you've read the original, Alice falls asleep as she's being read a story and notices a white rabbit in a hurry to be somewhere. Alice, of course, follows and goes down the rabbit hole, where she ends up falling a long time (in comic form, this fall could have been a little shorter - it went on for pages) until she meets ground and confronts a small door she must shrink (by way of ingesting liquid) to gain access to. And so the story proceeds. It's nice to see such a colorful rendition of the tale, with some very nice backgrounds at times, but Rod Espinosa's art is a little clumsy in some parts, and quite stiff in others. I felt the same way about his Neotopia "color manga." New Alice In Wonderland is also a little "off" at other points, as it seems to be a mix of traditional pencils with computer-generated art. It's cute and all, but I would forego the Espinosa version and stick with the original. If you want the art to go along with it, pick up an edition with the original illustrations included.

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