Sunday, April 09, 2006

Monster V.2

The second volume of Naoki Urasawa's Monster brings the pace of the series up a notch. We got a glimpse of why Urasawa was dubbed "Japan's Master of Suspense" at the end of the last volume. This one is much more action-packed and suspenseful all throughout, picking up years after the events of the last installment of the series. We are, in fact, introduced to a whole new set of characters at the beginning of this story, as we follow Nina Fortner, model student (except for a slight case of tardiness), exemplary daughter and aikido expert (though she's fairly new to the classes). Soon enough, things start falling in to place and familiar faces from the last book surface in the story and we are treated to glimpses into what Doctor Tenma has been up to in the intervening years, following his "monster." I am very pleased with the character of Nina and am absolutely ecstatic with the progress of the series. This is one manga I can't wait to pick up each time it comes out.

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