Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Avengers Annual #1

This was pretty disappointing. Not that I was looking forward to a long celebration full of talking heads or anything, but it seemed like the wedding of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage was more of an afterthought in this issue. It was mostly about a big fight that takes place just after Jessica accepts Luke's proposal. A fight that should have been a lot cooler. Back at the beginning of Bendis' New Avengers run, Yelena Bolova, better known as the blonde "next generation" Black Widow, battled the newly-formed team and was disfigured before she was hastened off by some mystery men. It was as if she were going to be groomed as a big villain for the team in the future, something I was kind of holding my breath for since I'm a fan of the Widow. And then she's just kind of thrown into this issue, turned into a big monster, the new Adaptoid, before she's thrown into the gutter and checked off of a sheet of dangling plot threads. Lame. It was a decent fight, but the art by Olivier Coipel doesn't exactly lend itself to the action sequences so much. It's all kind of hard to follow and muddled. So, lame end for a potentially really cool villain for the series. And it gets lamer. The wedding, which was roughly four pages of the entire "wedding special" was as cheesy as it could get. I'm not even joking when I tell you that Stan Lee was the minister. Not even kidding. I kind of doubt Stan even knows who Jessica Jones is, but there he is, with his big stupid grin and sunglasses, joining them in holy matrimony. What a train wreck.

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