Thursday, April 13, 2006


I like dark images in comics sometimes, gothic sensibilities. It's just really beautiful to me, a breathtakingly horrific image. That's why I like creators like Richard Sala so much. So, of course, I was excited when I came across a bullet review of Dracula, Book 1 in The Comics Journal #275 by European artist Hippolyte (or Frank Meynet), with his dark, moody atmosphere just perfect for a retelling of Bram Stoker's story. The images in the magazine prompted me to check the artist out, but unfortunately, I couldn't find much on Hippolyte aside from a Hippolyte site that TCJ pointed out (which is not in English, but if you explore long enough, you can come across some very beautiful artwork). It's even hard to find this Dracula book at B&N, but thankfully, The Comics Journal provided an ISBN, so I was able to locate it. Read more about Hippolyte's Dracula in the latest Journal, or do your own exploring, but really, you should be aware of this artist and his "scratch card" approach that's suited so well for this type of storytelling.

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Ferrão said...

Very very interesting stuff, thanks for pointing this out!
Keep up the good work, I enjoy the In Passing reviews.