Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shojo Beat: May '06

The latest issue of Shojo Beat hit newstands already and it's a good one!

Absolute Boyfriend - It's all about following up on events from the previous issue this time around in the books of Shojo Beat that I follow (Absolute Boyfriend and Nana). Last iss, Riiko and Soshi were getting all snuggly in the kitchen of the Vietnamese restaurant they work at. This issue follows up on what this means for them, and where exactly this leaves Night... There are some really surprising events that take place, the least of which is Night developing a backbone.

Nana - The story left on a real cliffhanger last month, as Shoji told Nana that he had something to tell her after work (and, of course, he has been cheating on her). So, Nana Osaki waits with Nana Komatsu until Shoji's shift at work is over... I really look forward to this serial every month. It's hard not to get attached to Ai Yazawa's characters and beautiful art, let alone get lost in the pained expressions of the lead characters.

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