Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Marvel Solicits: July '06

There's no getting away from Civil War. If you read any of the big books, it's going to be a crossover event. And if you read Runaways, but know nothing about Young Avengers, too bad because they're thrown together into their own Civil War book. Yeesh. Well, here are highlights of Marvel books shipping in July...

Beyond #1 (of 6) - And if you can't get enough crossovers in light of the month of crossovers, you get this book. Nine varied heroes thrown together because it's always fun to do that. Here you get Spider-man, Medusa, Wasp, Venom, The Hood, Gravity, Henry Pym, Firebird and Kraven. Watch them interact/kill each other.

Halo Graphic Novel HC - Don't ask me. I certainly didn't ask for this.

Excalibur Classic (volume 2) - Yay! I was just saying how much I loved the first volume of this. More great Excalibur issues from Alan Davis and Chris Clairmont (back when he could still write something decent). This volume collects issues 6-11 and the Mojo Mayhem story with the X-babies.

Black Panther by Jack Kirby (volume 2) TP - More comics from the King. I know Patrick loved the first Black Panther trade.

Black Panther #18 - And it's the wedding we've been waiting for! Or...no, I didn't ask for this either. And it's a fricking Civil War crossover too? Oi. Just tell me Kitty is a bridesmaid and not a flowergirl.

X-Factor: The Longest Night Premiere HC - Collected into a nice affordable hardcover are issues 1-6 of the new X-Factor series that I personally enjoy a helluvalot.

Ghost Rider #1 - Again?

Check out the rest of Marvel's July solicits at Newsarama.

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