Sunday, April 30, 2006


The cute little red-head Jenna, the character from Narwain Publishing who's involved in crossovers with the likes of Ninja High School, finally has a collected edition of her first three issue mini-series simply entitled Jenna. I never actually saw an issue of a Narwain title in stores, but rather enjoyed the cute covers in Previews and on comics news sites, so I had to buy the trade on faith alone through an on-line store. The manga-inspired title, written by Philip Osbourne, with plenty of artists working on the book, was so not worth seeking out. I could have given this a quick flip-through at my local store to see that it wasn't worth checking out. But I was stuck with a copy and read it. And the artwork wasn't just poorly drawn, but the panels were sparse, jarring the reader from one scene of the story to another like reading a summary of a story rather than the actual events. Basically, the story follows the teenaged Jenna, whose father turns out to be involved in a cult that worships the demon Baal. She understandably freaks, as a man was recently executed for the murders that the cult committed, and a series of events then occur: her house burns down and her parents supposedly with it, she sleeps with her boyfriend which results in unexpected consequences, etc. Jenna herself is later revealed to be the anti-christ. It's all very silly. The main character's cute design was the only thing I enjoyed about the book, but even in her there were inconsistencies in her personality. It was all very generic and poorly executed. For such a high profile title from the company (especially from the first wave of books), I was expecting something of high quality. Instead, I got one of the worst comics I've read in recent memory.

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