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Zombie #1 (of 4)

Mike Raicht & Kyle Hotz

The first issue of this new Marvel MAX title doesn't begin like your typical zombie thriller. Instead, we are introduced to Simon Garth via a bank robbery, where he and a co-worker are forced to hand over bags of money and into a police car chase at gunpoint. The zombies appear later. We're given a little time to get to know our hero and wonder where the book is going before anything unusual begins to occur. As the story progresses, expectations are subverted and the characters we're introduced to suddenly find themselves in peril. This is a very good start to the book that may or may not have anything to do with the Simon Garth of Marvel's Tales of the Zombie series (whose first appearance, courtesy of Stan Lee and Bill Everett, was also entitled "Zombie"). Effectively creepy, with all of the gore and thrills you might expect from a zombie story, this new mini-series has some real potential. I'm not a huge fan of Hotz' art,…

Previews: December 2006

The highlights of comics from Previews catalogue, for books shipping in December...

Ape Entertainment
Athena Voltaire: The Collected Web Comics TP - Oh. My. God. I've been waiting to hear an announcement about this. I love love love the current Athena Voltaire mini-series and have been holding my breath for the critically-acclaimed webcomics to be collected...and now I can exhale. The entire run is collected here with sketches and pin-ups. Awesome!!!!

Archaia Studios Press
Okko: Cycle of Water #1 (of 4) - Like I've said before, if Archaia publishes it, it's good and it's high quality. This is a new series about four demon hunters.

Mouse Guard #6 (of 6) - The sixth and final chapter of David Peterson's Mouse Guard, entitles "A Return To Honor." Hopefully, we'll see more of the cute little guys in the future. And there's sure to be a collection upcoming.

Dark Horse
The Bakers Meet Jingle Belle - Paul Dini writes and Kyle Baker draws this Christmas crossove…

12 Reasons Why I Love Her

Jamie S. Rich & Joelle Jones

12 Reasons Why I Love Her examines the relationship of a young couple out of chronological order. Twelve vignettes (a few of which are merely short illustrated poems) fit together very nicely to provide a full picture of their young love. Each of the characters have their faults and I'm not sure if Gwen being an icy bitch (but only during one or two stories) is a reason why Evan should love her, but it's all laid out, the good and the bad, like a real relationship that our couple has to actively work on.

Interestingly, the story begins with one character acting quite out-of-character from the rest of their appearances and shedding a pretty abysmal light on him. But as the vignettes progress, he's shown as a very intelligent, passionate person and we can see why these two fall for each other. The very last chapter is the story that tells of how the two actually met, giving the preceding chapters a sort of bitter-sweet feel, but it really does …

Pride of Baghdad

Brian K. Vaughan & Niko Henrichon

I’ll start this review with the obvious: this book is gorgeous. Henrichon’s designs for the animals in this book are fantastic. Put that together with awe-inspiring environments and beautifully choreographed fight sequences (there’s quite a bit of action in this book) and it makes for a pretty amazing final product. I should also give credit to the coloring: the brilliant colors of the animals at the zoo to the sky-on-fire war zone set the mood for their respective scenes to go that extra mile in highlighting the expertise of the artist.

The story itself follows a pride of four lions who escape from The Baghdad Zoo during the U.S. bombing of Iraq. Nearly the first third of the book actually takes place in the zoo, the beginning of which contains a scene where Safa, an intelligent lioness, tries to strike a deal with the gazelle to break out of their prison. The negotiation could have very much been along the lines of the talks between the U.S and Ir…

In Stores 9/27

This week in comics...

Chickenhare: House of Klaus TP - An all-ages story from Chris Grine about a half-chicken, half-hare and his buddy, a turtle named Abe, on the run from a crazy taxidermist they'd been sold to who has a thing for unique animals.

Wonderland #2 - Another all-ages comic. It's been months since the awesome debut issue of the series from Slave Labor Graphics.

The Walking Dead (Volume 5): Best Defense TP - And another collection of Robert Kirkman's zombie story from Image Comics ships to stores this week. Hope it's better than the last one...

Zombie #1 (of 4) - Marvel does zombies once again in a MAX mini-series from Mike Raicht and Kyle Hotz. While this does follow a character named Simon Garth (same as the character from Tales of the Zombie), it's unclear whether this will follow any continuity. It should be noted that that character's first appearance was in a short story from Stan Lee and Bill Everett also entitled simply "Zombie."

The C…

Manga Monday 10

This week, a look at two of Viz's Editor's Choice books...

Blue Spring
Taiyo Matsumoto

This book is really nice looking. It's gritty and urban, with graffiti covering much of the background (thus translator's notes are abundant on many pages), with black sensor bars covering some characters' eyes to "protect their identities" and a white blur to half-heartedly cover a penis. Also throughout the realistic drawings are touches of cartoony art: a teacher with a mouse head, bug-eyed students, etc. It all combines to make an interesting project that I think works great. Blue Spring is basically a short story collection that focuses on disenchanted, bored high school students who risk their lives to break up the day, playing dangerous rooftop games that ultimately end in several deaths, and shooting off a discovered revolver. This is a very dark work, and honestly, I didn't know what was going on some of the time, but it was ultimately a very satisfying read w…

The Illustrated Dracula

Bram Stoker & Jae Lee

This is a good idea. I can see people buying this version of Bram Stoker's classic Dracula, especially the throngs of shoppers in mainstream counter culture stores like Hot Topic. The cover and sparce illustrations may catch the attention of a younger audience not looking for the stuffy old Victorian novel, what with a modern gothic package and faux leather spine. It's an interesting project, if anything, but Penguin's Graphic Classics line already beat Penguin's Viking Studio to it, with covers of books like Upton Sinclair's The Jungle illustrated by a range of acclaimed artists such as Chris Ware and Charles Burns. This line ups the ante a bit, providing thirty some illustrations within by the cover artist (look for its companion The Illustrated Jane Eyre with art by Dame Darcy released in the same fashion).

I really enjoy Jae Lee's work, and his style lends itself well to this sort of project. Inhumans was beautiful, and his recent co…

Habitual Entertainment #2-3

Will Dinski

I haven't read many mini-comics, but I was certainly pleased by the quality I found among Will Dinski's comics in his Habitual Entertainment series. Not only was a lot of craft put into the pacing, the layout and the drawings themselves, but Dinski put together a very beautiful package, with a lot of obvious TLC, as you see in the pride of many mini-comics if you happen to shop at hip stores like Quimby's in Chicago. Habitual Entertainment #2 in particular stood out with its art on a transparency overlying a gold cardstock cover, and the details put into the copyright and correspondance page demonstrates that those years the author spent at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design weren't in vain. But really, beyond the package, these comics are quite good. The second issue, "Fool's Gold," follows out-of-work actor Gerald as he finally lands a a secret shopper through a temp agency. He makes the most of his situation though, behaving…

Double Take 4

Welcome to another installment of the now semi-regular Double Take, where Patrick and I weigh in on a comic in classic Ebert & Roeper fashion.

Astonishing X-Men #17
Joss Whedon & John Cassaday

Contains spoilers!

Dave says: Another great, if strange, issue of Astonishing X-Men. I love that cover and John Cassaday brilliantly illustrates some of the most disturbing images from the very first page to the last. From the get-go, Kitty is under the illusion (courtesy of the…er, second Miss Frost) that she’s had a baby with Peter and that someone has taken it. This is The Hellfire Club’s way to get Pryde to phase into the stubborn box in the basement to retrieve an important item. A lot of emphasis is put on the fact that the people in Kitty’s life leave her, let her down, or die. The only real constant companion she’s ever had is Lockheed. Her first love Peter died. Her best friend Illyana died. Her other close friend Doug Ramsey died. Her father died in the Genosha massacre. And there …

In Passing...Runaways to Nextwave

This week in floppies...

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #8
Warren Ellis & Stuart Immonen

This was a good storyline. Not that there was much story. Nextwave kicked monster butt. However, it was less random and repetitive than the previous storyarc, putting the series back on track as one of the best superhero titles out there presently. I loved the strange, over-the-top flashbacks with Elsa Bloodstone this issue. She's just awesome. And nice social commentary provided by Ellis, having "The Mindless Ones" (or the rock monsters of this issue) doing what humans generally do (go to bars, watch TV, etc). Very Romero-esque. A

X-Factor #11
Peter David, Renato Arlem & Roy Allen Martinez

X-Factor deals with what occurred at the end of the previous issue and have pretty much had it with Singularity by this point. Plus a good old-fashioned scuffle between team members. B-

Civil War #4 (of 7)
Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

This little Marvel mini-series provides many surprises, none of…


David B.

Most people who are going to read this probably have already, but for the rest of you, this is a final plea…

Epileptic is an important multi-layered work. David B. leaves himself naked and exposed, showing tender moments and his inner-most dark thoughts alike to demonstrate how his brother’s illness has effected him and his family.

Jean-Christophe began having epileptic seizures at age eleven, after a childhood where he grew close to David (then Pierre-Francois). They were violent, terrifying episodes that caused his family to seek some form of treatment, pulling each member into various new age scenes, from macrobiotic communities to alchemy. Amid all of the stress and false hopes, David explores his family’s history through war times and his growth as an artist. Many metaphors demonstrate what Jean-Christophe’s disease means to his family, which really becomes a disease that stalks them all individually, isolating them and creating demons for each of them to grapple with. Mean…

Marvel Solicits: December '06

The full list of Marvel comics shipping this December can be found at Comic Book Resources. These are the highlights...

newuniversal #1 - That's a nice cover. Warren Ellis and Salvador Larroca's new series may be the most exciting thing coming out from Marvel this month, as it delves back into Marvel's past to revive a dead concept. I'm buying it. This book centers around "The White Event" as Earth witnesses superhuman power for the first time.

Star Brand Classic (Volume 1) TP - And with the renewed interest in Marvel's New Universe, of course Marvel will release some collections of said concept. This trade collects issues 1-7 of the New Universe series, with art by none other than John Romita Jr.

Ultimate Vision #1 (of 5) - I can't bring myself to buy this book because of the grotesque design of the character more than anything, although I'm very tempted to as it boasts the talent of two artists I really admire: Brandon Peterson and Mike Carey. I ma…


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake's latest CD debuted this past week, complete with a bad-ass "Parental Advisory" warning. The former NSync member strived to make a CD where every song could be the next single, collaborating with some of the best talent the music biz has to offer, including Timbaland and Jay-Z. Timberlake's previous album Justified was an all-around acclaimed CD, so he had some high standards to live up to....which makes it no real surprise that he didn't meet them.

FutureSex/LoveSounds takes Timberlake in a new "mature" direction, with little semblance to his boyband days. Gone are many of the cheesy lyrics from his previous album, but also missing are the interesting soundtracks to his music, as heard in songs like Cry Me a River. This CD foregos such innovation for tired hip-hop beats to establish himself among an R&B audience in a market flooded with mediocrity. Few of the songs are stand-outs, the most interesting sounding of w…

In Stores 9/20

Some items of interest you may want to peruse on Wednesday...

X-Men First Class #1 (of 8) - A new mini-series telling new tales of the original X-Men team. Beautiful cover.

Wetworks #1 - This is a new Wildstorm series from Mike Carey, with art by Whilce Portacio and Trevor Scott, about a team of men who keep monsters in check.

Godland (Volume 2): Another Sunny Delight TP - The second volume of Joe Casey's Kirby-inspired Godland finally comes out!!

Disney Comics Classics Collection (Volume 1) - This is a collection of rare Disney comics that go back almost seventy years. For $50, you get a nice 256 page hardcover volume.

Civil War #4 (of 7) - I hear there's supposed to be a shocking occurence in this issue. I'd be more shocked if nothing surprising happened in one of the issues.

Blade #1 - A new ongoing series featuring the Daywalker had to happen in concurrence with the new television series. They have to make a good one eventually...right?

Ms. Marvel (Volume 1): Best of the Best

DC Solicits: December '06

The full list of books shipping from DC Comics in December can be found at Newsarama. The following are the highlights...

Manhunter (Volume 2): Trial By Fire TP - Another collection of the wonderful, fan-favorite series finally sees the light of day, at the same time as the regular series resumes after a short hiatus, with issue #26, guest-starring Wonder Woman herself. Also...Manhunter appears in Birds of Prey #101 - a big month for Kate Spencer.

Batman: Year One Deluxe TP - The acclaimed Frank Miller/David Mazucchelli story featuring the Dark Knight comes out in a softcover complete with plenty of extras.

The Spirit #1 - Will Eisner's creation reappears on comic stands this December thanks to the talented Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone.

Showcase Presents: The Brave and the Bold: The Batman Team-Ups (Volume 1) TP - A new Showcase featuring early Batman team-ups with Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc. Also, look out for a second volume of Showcase Presents: Justice League of …

Manga Monday 9

This week in Manga Monday, I'm going to take a look at Infinity Studios' Blood Alone, and take a peek at two new titles that debuted in this month's Shojo Beat!

Blood Alone (Volume 1)
Masayuki Takano

Takano’s Blood Alone follows the relationship of Kuroe and Misaki, the latter of which is a vampire. Both of these characters have been touched by the supernatural, and their gifts can be very beneficial when helping the local police, or someone who has merely lost their pet cat. But the relationship between the two characters is the most disturbing aspect of the manga title, as Kuroe is a full-grown man and Misaki…well, she looks (and acts) like a twelve-year-old. And since she doesn’t know what a cold is (?), she could be a lot younger than that. During a calm, collected conversation with little boy vampire Higure, Misaki watches as he kisses his adult lover goodbye, before the boy makes a knowing comment about Misaki’s own attractive man. Okay…I think the idea of a young child…

In Passing...Fables to Claws

Fables #53
Bill Willingham & Mark Buckingham

The second issue of the "Sons of Empire" story has Lumi, the Ice Queen, run down her proposal for how she plans on destroying the Mundy World, and consequently Fabletown. Meanwhile, life goes on back with the loveable fables. There's a cute little back story to this issue too, illustrated by Joshua Middleton. B

Claws #2 (of 3)
Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Joe Linsner

Linsner's art continues to impress. The story behind Wolvie and Black Cat's abduction is pretty silly, and while the action in this issue is non-stop, it's also wholly unimpressive. The pencils are really the only reason to buy this comic. C-

Ms. Marvel #7
Brian Reed & Robert De La Torre

There was a pretty flawless transition into Civil War with the previous issue, this one picking up where the last one left us with Arana and Julia Carpenter (AKA Arachne, or the Spider-Woman with the cool black costume and red hair). While Ms. Marvel continues to i…

The Damned #1

Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

The Damned is a new series from Oni Press debuting in October. The very first issue of the series is double-sized and introduces its readers to Eddie, a man of foul habits cursed to keep returning from the dead, provided someone out there sees fit to revive him. Fortunately for him, he’s in high demand. Between the three demon families that traffic souls in the city, there are always plenty of figures planning to send him on a dirt nap, beat him for information, or send him on some task or another to pay off his numerous debts.

In this particular issue, following a great introduction to the world involved, Eddie is assigned by “Big Al” to uncover what has become of a demon involved in negotiations between two of the warring demon families, forcing Eddie into a confrontation with an old flame, and to a demon whorehouse for any sign of a potential witness. This book has some really nice art and monster designs from Hurtt and is paced to perfection.

When it com…

In Stores 9/13

Quite the week for...well, graphic novels and collections. This is going to be an exercise in picking and choosing...

Abandon the Old In Tokyo HC - Yoshihiro Tatsumi's latest hardcover collection debuts in-stores, following the beautifully packaged The Push Man and Other Stories. Tatsumi's a master, not to be missed.

Comic Art Magazine #8 - If you ordered this on-line, you've had it for a couple of weeks, but for the rest of you unfortunates, prepare to be envied for the experience you are about to embark on.

Doom Patrol (Volume 4): Musclebound TP - The latest of DC's collections of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run. I believe we get to see Flex Mentallo in this volume...should be cool.

Essential Hulk (Volume 4) TP - I'm not the biggest Hulk fan, but Patrick loves these collections. I point this out for his sake.

Kramer's Ergot (Volume 6) SC - One of the most anticipated anthologies of the year makes it's way to your local store (well, if it's a good stor…

Manga Monday 8

Before I plow directly into my review this week, I thought I would highlight my ten favorite anime! I went ahead and lumped anime series into this countdown as well. Seriously, check these titles out if you haven't already!

11. Vampire Hunter D
I'm cheating already. There's a lot of Hayao Miyazaki in the countdown, so I thought I would add another title to demonstrate a little more diversity. This is a horror classic that follows a mysterious man - D - who hunts vampires in a world overrun with the monstrosities.

10. ROD: Read or Die
Originally a film, I prefered the series that followed, as three paper mages work as bodyguards for a best-selling writer with a bit of writer's block...and a secret history.

9. Howl's Moving Castle
Hayao Miyazaki's latest film didn't get the highest praise when it was released in America. It wasn't as accessible as his previous two titles, boasting an old woman (sort of) as its protagonist in a world teeming with war, and a bit …

How'd I do?

The Harvey Award winners were announced at the Baltimore Con! If you recall, last June I made my predictions for the Harvey Award winners. Time to compare my choices versus the actual winners...

Best Writer
Winner: Ed Brubaker
My choice: Brian Michael Bendis

Best Artist
Winner: J.H. Williams III
My choice: J.H. Williams III

Best Cartoonist
Winner: Chris Ware
My choice: Chris Ware

Best Letterer
Winner: Chris Ware
My choice: Well, I didn't actually pick one...I don't pay enough attention to letterers

Best Inker
Winner: Charles Burns
My choice: Charles Burns

Best Colorist
Winner: Laura Martin
My choice: Laura Martin

Best Cover Artist
Winner: James Jean
My choice: James Jean

Best New Talent
Winner: R. Kikuo Johnson & Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
My choice: R. Kikuo Johnson

Best New Series
Winner: Young Avengers, Heinberg & Cheung
My choice: X-Factor, Peter David & various

Best Continuing or Limited Series
Winner: Runaways, Vaughan & Alphona
My choice: Acme Novelty Library, Chris Ware

Best Syndicated S…

Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon

(Ape Entertainment Edition)
#1 (of 4)
Paul Daly & Steve Bryant

The high-flying adventuress returns from the ashes of Speakeasy to fly again in this action-packed issue from Ape Entertainment! I was completely smitten with the first issue of this comic when it was released from Speakeasy early this year. It's wonderful to see it back and better than ever in this 48-page monster collecting the entire first Speakeasy issue, as well as the second never released issue. The whole controversy behind their decision to publish the comic in this way is explained in the back of this edition, but basically, the 1400+ backorders for the sold-out first issue from Speakeasy was quite the demand, but not enough to justify another print run that could potentially spell doom for the mini-series. As a compromise, new readers can get caught up on the series, and those returning would only have to spare $1.50 extra than they would have paid for the entire run from its former publisher. It's prett…

X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #1 (of 5)

Greg Pak & Tyler Kirkham

Greg Pak follows up his rather surprisingly good mini-series X-Men: Phoenix Endsong with a new five issue mini-series. Apparently, the Phoenix just won't leave the X-Men alone. Pak demonstrated a skill of taking elements of the X-Men and using them in new, classic ways with the last series. Example: The Phoenix eats suns (a side effect being that they go supernova and destroy worlds). Cyclops' blasts are like having the power of the sun behind his eyes. Do you see where a weak phoenix would try to draw strength from? It's that sort of thing that really elevated Endsong to another level. That and the art by Greg Land.

In X-Men: Phoenix Warsong, Pak takes another such obvious circumstance of those living in the X-mansion, particularly the Stepford Cuckoos, and says "Even now, when their whole world's about to crumble, they never ask the obvious question. What is a cuckoo?" Fortunately, from many long hours in front of Animal Planet, I…

In Passing...Uncanny to X-Men

So, I got my comics from on the same day as I picked up this week's comics via the local store. It's pretty sick that four of the title are X-books (three of which are briefly reviewed here)...

Uncanny X-Men #478
Ed Brubaker & Billy Tan

The latest chapter in Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire picks up on events from issue #476, where we left our brave heroes drifting in space. I'm loving the art on this book. On one of the last few pages of this issue, there's a panel at the bottom with Nightcrawler bamfing, leaving an outline of himself in his wake that's just beautiful. The action is depicted masterfully, as is the ever-lovely Miss Dane, one of my favorite X-characters. But really, each issue is an exciting piece of the storyline, and I can't wait for the conflict that this book is leading toward. B+

X-Men #190
Mike Carey & Chris Bachalo

The other X-book is pretty good too, but I find it a little hard to follow. A lot's going on …

Young Avengers

(Volume 1): Sidekicks
Allan Heinberg & Jim Cheung

With the Young Avengers teaming up with the Runaways in their own Civil War special, I thought that it was about time to get caught up on the former team that I hadn't been following, but have been meaning to check out. Their first adventure "Sidekicks" has been collected into a paperback edition that includes Young Avengers issues #1-6, and is basically the team's origin. These young superheroes have appeared out of nowhere to demonstrate acts of heroism, and harbor an uncanny resemblance to prominent members of the Avengers proper. But what is their connection with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, if any? And what is their mission? Those answers and more are revealed in this storyline, with a lineup that initially includes Iron Lad, Hulkling, Patriot and Asgardian (later renamed Wiccan), but whose membership shifts by the end of the sixth issue.

There's a vaguely complicated story behind why these heroes have band…

In Stores 9/6

Comics are late this week due to Labor Day. So here are a few titles (it's a light week) you may want to take a second peek at this Thursday...

American Splendor #1 (of 4) - Harvey Pekar's new mini-series from Vertigo/DC rears its head this week, riding on the success of last year's The Quitter graphic novel.

New Alice In WonderlandColor Manga (Volume 1) TP - The first issue of this series was an okay read. I would personally pass and just read the original novel...that or check out Slave Labor Graphics' fun new take on Wonderland in, well, Wonderland.

X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #1 (of 5) - Greg Pak returns to Phoenix lore with the sequel to the popular (and pretty damn good) X-Men: Phoenix Endsong. Unfortunately, Greg Land's not returning on art. Instead we get Tyler Kirkman.

Totally Spies (Volume 1): The O P GN and Totally Spies (Volume 2): I Hate the 80's GN - What is it about this cartoon that gets me? I just love it! Anyways, these graphic novels are only $8, …


Matthew Loux

Matthew Loux's new graphic novel from Oni Press, Sidescrollers, follows a trio of slackers who pass their summer playing video games, making snack runs, and finding trouble in any number of places. As the night of an indie rock concert grows nearer, many obstacles get in their way, including a demon cat, a group of blood-thirsty jocks and a gaggle of girl scouts. As Matt longs to make his feelings for the new girl Amber known, he schemes about how to get revenge on the star quarterback dating her and how to make her see him for what he is (basically a jackass).

This book is obviously very influenced by another Oni Press title: Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim. It has that same flavor of storytelling, a similar cast of silly characters amid crazy situations, and taps into hipster (and nerd) culture a bit. But Sidescrollers offers a really beautiful, unique art style through Loux's pencils, and really proves itself to be its own thing (despite the recurring …

Manga Monday 7

Flowers & Bees (Volume 1)
Moyoco Anno

Based on the description of this title, I didn't really expect to like this book. It's about a loser in high school - Masao Komatsu - who goes to great lengths to become a girl magnet. Shunned and teased in school, Masao decides to go to a men's salon (after seeing a man he admires duck into one), a place called World of Beautiful Men, and get made over by the eccentric stylists, in the pursuit of his goal.

The characters of this book aren't exactly the most fully-realized. Masao himself comes to several very generic realizations about people around him: women like jerks, etc. The plot pretty much speaks for itself as our protagonist makes several overhauls to his appearance via World of Beautiful Men, and measures the results based on the attention he receives from strangers and classmates alike. In the process, he makes some realizations, with a little help from his stylists, about how self-respect has just as much of an effect …

In Passing...Supes to Local

Oh, boy did I get frustrated with my local comic shop this week. Half of my floppies weren't available half an hour after the store opened (let alone had a slot in the wall in the first place....including a favorite of mine: Athena Voltaire), so I rebelled and didn't buy a thing. I ordered my list of comics on-line, so most of this week's comic reviews will come a little late... But I did get a few things read. Patrick bought All-Star Superman, I had The Portent from the previous week, and I got some review copies from Oni Press, a few of which I'll talk about here...

The Portent #4 (of 4)
Peter Bergting

This was an enjoyable mini-series from Image Comics. The Mike Mignola-influenced art was often quite striking when paired with beautiful coloring of sunsets and strange landscapes. The second issue really established it as more than a generic fantasy tale, and it turned into something fairly epic from there. By the final issue, I was ready for the story to be over however…