Friday, April 28, 2006

In Passing...Frankenstein to Pirates

This was a great week for mainstream superheroes. I picked up twice as many books as usual.

Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #4 (of 4) - The final Seven Soldiers mini-series came to a conclusion, leaving only Seven Soldiers #1 to end the ambitious maxi-series by Grant Morrison. What a great character Frankenstein is here, and the Bride is just one of the best designs of a character, hands down. It's been a fun series, with great art by Doug Mahnke. I hope we see more of this version of Frankenstein in the future. It's definitely a title I wouldn't mind picking up on a monthly basis, especially if the artist stays on. I believe Morrison said he did have plans on using some of the Seven Soldiers in the future... 7.7/10

Runaways #15 - Another great issue as the "Parental Guidance" story continues. I loved the opening moment between Victor and Chase, and it's fun to watch the bad guys play the team against each other. Adrian Alphona's pencils continue to amaze. 8/10

X-Factor #6 - This issue focuses on Layla Miller as the rest of X-Factor deals with what happened to Siryn in previous issues. This is a pretty tame issue, probably the weakest of the series so far, but it's still a damn good book. 6.7/10

Polly & the Pirates #5 (of 6) - Polly Pringle confronts the self-proclaimed Pirate Prince as two groups of pirates fight for the Pirate Queen's treasure map. Ted Naifeh's characters resonate in this mini-series and he depicts action expertly. It's all fast-paced action this issue as the cast gets one step closer to claiming the treasure. 8.3/10

Blue Beetle #2 - In flashbacks, Jaime tries to protect his family and friends from forces that they can not see as he tries to understand what has happened to him and what it has to do with the beetle rock he found. Meanwhile, Jaime makes his way home across the desert, hoping his parents haven't noticed his absence. Jaime's a cute, cool character and it'll be interesting to see the consequences to what occurs at the end of the issue. 8/10

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