Sunday, April 16, 2006

Death Note

Death Note (volume 1) by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata follows a model student, Light Yagami, as he finds a death note, a notebook that a death god puts a person's name into to kill them. Since Light found this book, the power of it lies with him. He now has the power of a god. He tests his power and vows to make the world an ideal place, void of murderers, rapists and the most vile of criminals. Unfortunately, in order to place a person's name into the notebook, he must know their name and be able to picture their face. This complicates things a little as, of course, things come up that prevent him from gaining said information. Now, most of this book is a cat-and-mouse game between Light and the police, as they are investigating who is behind the death of the criminals. But beyond all of this, people in the streets question whether he should be stopped. He is making the world a safer place, after all. People are becoming better people, for fear of sudden death. This is just the first volume of the series, but it's already raised many interesting philosophical questions, with I'm sure, more to come as the situation progresses. This really is a great premise for some great suspense tales and to explore the dark side of human nature. And it's a premise thus far executed wonderfully.

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