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I saw the cover image from Hilda and the Bird Parade on the cover of ForeWord Reviews magazine, and investigated it, and I'm really glad that I did!  Luke Pearson's latest all-ages graphic novel wasn't available from Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago when I was looking into it, so I ordered his previous works surrounding the little blue-haired girl Hilda. 

Luke Pearson

Hildafolk is part of UK publisher Nobrow Press' 17X23 line of graphic short stories, and is in the format of a comic, with exceptional printing quality.  This story introduces readers to Hilda, who lives in the countryside, where myths and fantasy creatures are very real.  She has a little blue fox with antlers named Twig, as a sidekick, is friends with a boy made out of wood, and otherwise lives in a warm little house with her mother.  In this short, we see her first encounters with the strange wooden boy as Hilda ventures into the hills to draw.  While there, she meets a troll, a very dangerou…

Pick of the Week 4/24

Here is the book you should be paying attention to in comic shops on Wednesday...

Marble Season HC Gilbert Hernandez

Gunnerkrigg Court (Volume 4)

While doing some blind searches, I came upon this wonderful pre-order item!

Gunnerkrigg Court (Volume 4): Materia Thomas Siddell In bookstores August 13, 2013 Pre-order here (it's currently 40% off cover price)!

Pick of the Week 4/17

Here's the book you should be paying attention to, in comic shops tomorrow...

Popeye Classics (Volume 1) HC Bud Sagendorf

Pick of the Week 4/10

Here is the book you should watch out for, in comic shops tomorrow!

Unico GN Osamu Tezuka

Pick of the Week 4/3

Here is the book you should be paying attention to, in comic shops this Wednesday...

The Complete Peanuts (Volume 19): 1987-1988 HC Charles M. Schulz