Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Octopus Girl

The beautiful packaging of Toru Yamazaki'a Octopus Girl should be enough in itself to make you want to pick it up. A beautiful cover, a great back cover and spine design, and lots of extras including four-panel Octopus Girl strips, an author's mini photo album, and bonus stories. On top of that, the stories included in volume one are wonderful. Octopus Girl is an instant classic in the world of manga. It's silly, grotesque, twisted and lots of fun, with beautiful cutesy and disgusting art by Yamazaki. Octopus Girl follows a girl, Takako, as she suddenly transforms into an octopus from her neck down. She adjusts to her new life as a monster, learning to survive, making some odd friends, and well, killing people (she is a monster after all). This is dark humor at its best, with some amazing stories. It can be overtly wacky like in the chapter "Sakae gets pregnant" or it can really be everything you want in a horror story like in my favorite "Enter the Rival!" Either way, this book has something for everyone. Give it a few chapters to grow on you and you'll be thanking me.

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