Monday, March 13, 2006

Mouse Guard

Better late than never. This is one the year's offerings I was really looking forward to, but unforunately, I wasn't able to track it down via any local comic stores. It was even hard to get on-line, although I did eventually manage to get my hands on a copy. And it was well worth the wait. David Petersen's Mouse Guard #1: Belly of the Beast follows three mice of the Mouse Guard as they try to discover what has become of a grain peddler who never made it to one of his destinations. While it is a simple story, it's a very beautifully illustrated all-ages comic. I'm a sucker for cute comics and this is one of the best, with exquisite detail given to the character designs for the book (facial expressions, etc), and richly-rendered backgrounds. Mouse Guard follows a string of new titles published from Mark Smylie's Archaia Studios Press, the mastermind behind Artesia, including The Lone and Level Sands and Robotika. This is definitely a company to watch, with the quality of material that they're constantly putting out. If you'd like a preview of Mouse Guard, check out the publisher's website and prepare yourself for a rare treat. While the first issue of Mouse Guard has sold out, a new printing will be available when the second issue (out of six) is available.

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