Friday, October 14, 2005

What a week

I finally got a virus off of my computer today after a week and a half of sluggish maneuvering and strange happenings. So, I'm just going to let out a deep breath and give a light post tonight (since it's pretty late). This week, I picked up:

~ Fables #42 - New storyline! Following up the great "Homelands" story arc is "Arabian Nights (and Days)." This story introduces us to a new set of fable characters, which could be a lot of fun.

~ The Grimoire #6 - Unfortunately, my local store didn't have the Elk's Run Collected Edition, so this is still my favorite Speakeasy title (until maybe Strangeways?).

~ Necromancer #2 - I was really pleasantly surprised that I liked the debut issue of this series as much as I did. I hope it keeps up.

~ Shojo Beat #5 - More Nana!

~ Y-the Last Man #38 - Continuing the storyline in Australia, where Yorick's picture is taken by a reporter. The series has been good since the "Girl on Girl" arc ended.

I passed on Doomed #1. I may go back and get it if I hear some good buzz. So, I picked up the third volume of Dampyr for a little something extra.

A review of the first volume of Sea of Red is coming soon!

Comics I'm getting next week (so far):
~ Manhunter #15
~ Runaways #9
~ Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy #4
~ Ultimate Spider-man #84

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