Saturday, October 01, 2005

Polly & the Pirates

I've been a fan of Ted Naifeh since I picked up my first Courtney Crumrin trade a few years ago. He created the best protagonist in the biting, anti-social Crumrin, with her sarcastic remarks, but general kindness. Naifeh does it again as we are introduced to Polly Pringle, a proper young girl who has grown up amid finery and academia. She's quite the golden girl compared to what we're used to from the mind of Naifeh, but she's quite the lovable protagonist, chastising pirates for their ill breeding, and trying to do what's deemed proper at all times. The book takes place in an age where, obviously, pirates are present, and people talk stiffly, in Victorian fashion. Polly is going to a school in St. Helvetia, where she is kept away from the dirty streets and the commoners, practically prisoner with a dozen other girls, including a mischeivous best friend and a dirty-minded hanger-on. When the pirates shatter Polly's peaceful life, she resorts to the behavior her headmistress would have deemed favorable in the circumstances, thus the critique of pirates and her demands for release from their clutches. Gosh, this book is just a lot of fun. Of all the books that have come out this week, I recommend giving this one precedence. We haven't seen something like for a while.

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