Friday, October 28, 2005

Ten Books To Read For Halloween: #3

There have been few good series of horror that kind of skate the line of superheros. The late Crossgen's Route 666 was one of them, as were Joss Whedon's television shows Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel (best damn TV ever) and his future slayer tale Fray from Dark Horse. Going into the top three books for Halloween, we find another such book, again from Vertigo/DC, again uncollected in trade format...(images courtesy of Mile High Comics)

3. Midnight, Mass: Here There Be Monsters by John Rozum and Paul Lee
The Kadmons are world-famous monster hunters. Their adventures were first recorded in the eight-issue mini-series Midnight, Mass (taking place in Midnight, Massachusettes), and have been followed up in Here There Be Monsters with a grander story (probably due to the fact that the series was supposedly going to be picked up as a television series. Sales certainly didn't warrant a sequel). Their greatest foe is a demon named Magellan, whose ambitions reach new heights in this six-issue series, as he hopes to completely take over an entire town to claim for monsters (who deserve equal recognition with humans). Monsters scope out houses, slithering out from under beds or from closets, murdering humans without discrimination, gathering in the woods for a massacre. The Kadmons are on the scene, however, in this great-looking, perfectly-paced book (with awesome covers by Tomer Hanuka). There are some really creepy monsters (ancient ones) who appear in the midst of battle who seem to have popped directly out of some twisted contemporary art museum. This is just a great fast action story with monsters, involving magic and ritual and all that makes a holiday like Halloween fun, surpassing its predecessor in all things creepy and crawly.

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