Saturday, October 22, 2005

Manhunter #15

Manhunter #15 is a stand-alone issue very different from previous issues, called "Costume Drama." It goes back to the beginning of the Manhunter series when Kate Spencer borrows items seized by the police as evidence, and uses them to become the new Manhunter. The issue is divided into three shorts, each telling the history of different items that Kate chooses to add to her vigilantee outfit. They're all written by regular series writer Marc Andreyko, but the art is done by different creators. "The Suit" is done by Stephen Sadowski and Andrew Pepoy, "The Gauntlet" is drawn by Sean Phillips, and "The Staff"'s art is provided by Rags Morales, Bob Petrecca and Shawn Martinbrough. The stories thread through the evidence locker as Kate wanders among villains' weapons and armor to make her choices, the scenes of which are drawn by Javier Pina and Fernando Blanco. It's really kind of neat to see the different artists work on the character in a single issue, none of whom are too jarring from one another. I think it's easily the best floppy of the week, each short providing plenty of entertainment, but combined to be a killer issue.

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