Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Black Widow

The sequel to the Black Widow mini-series "Homecoming" is truly a sequel. The story (of which the first issue just came out Wednesday) picks right up in the shattered glass and plaster ashes of the last storyline, where Black Widow was forced to investigate her origins and face the fact that she was preconditioned by her former allies. The sequel, entitled "The Things They Say About Her" opens with two men whose lives she destroyed in the last series, staring at the grave of a comrade who'd fallen by her hand, swearing revenge on her. Kestral, an operative who was following the Widow's bloody trail previously, then makes a proposition to these men, one we're not quite aware of the particulars of. Amidst this, Black Widow is still on the run from the government and smuggles herself into Cuba, where she meets a familiar face - Yelena Belova, the blonde Black Widow, who is now retired and sends Natasha on a mission for her. Meanwhile, Nick Fury learns that he can not protect Black Widow from the government this time around and pleads with a certain someone from her past to assist her (hint: look at the cover. Those magnificent thighs.) And things just keep creeping up from the first mini-series, from Widow's past, as we see toward the end of the issue. Yes, a lot is going on and it would be a good idea to check out the trade of the last mini-series before reading this, but hey, Bill Sienkiewicz does a marvelous job on the series again, finishing Sean Phillips' layouts, and so far, the plot is intriguing. If you like this espionage/government conspiracy stuff, this is high grade.

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