Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mark of the Succubus

Succubi have always been one of my favorite monsters (well, since Morrigan of the Darkstalkers cartoon). So, I was happy to hear about a series that featured one of the conniving demons, with a really classic twist. Mark of the Succubus is written by Ashly Raiti with art by Irene Flores, published by Tokyopop. It's American manga, so it's published in regular book format. I think it's got pretty good art all the way through the book, although the dots used for shading can be a bit much at times. There's one scene where a character changes into a blackbird, his arm changing first, completely encased in feathers that pull out from shoulder to forearm as he transforms - it's just a really cool drawing. So, the book is about a succubus-in-training who has just earned her permit to walk among the humans, and has unwittingly fallen for a human boy (and of course, one of the demon rules is not to get attached to humans). The boy is an unmotivated kid who's having trouble at school and at home, who would rather play the guitar than fill out college applications. But anyway, another twist occurs toward the end of the volume that's just perfect, but I'm not going to ruin it for you - read for yourself!

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