Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sea of Red

Image has been doing a pretty good job getting some interesting titles out there, as of late. From the Luna Brothers to Strange Girl to The Walking Dead, they seem to be branching out and just attempting to put out good material - the kind that still appeals to mainstream superhero fans, in genres of horror and the like. Sea of Red is such a title of what I like to think of as new wave Image books. It's a blend of pirates and horror - vampire pirates to be precise. After being sunk at the bottom of the ocean (ala Angel) for centuries, a film crew discovers the living corpse as they take him aboard their ship. It's an interesting idea for a book, but that's about all this book has going for it. It's a rather uninspired story that borrows things from other sources, creating this whacky sort of hodge-podge of ideas. It's Angel at the beginning, then travels into that weird desperate-Hollywood-movie-director-must-tape-everything-despite-his-crew-dying-around-him thing that like never works and then proceeds to tell an Odyssey-esque tale before venturing into Titanic and Creature From the Black Lagoon. Sigh. That being said...if the creator of this book had invested a little more originality into his ideas, this could have been great - I mean, who wouldn't want to see a vampire pirate epic? But, alas, we're left with this train wreck that adds nothing to the tired vampire myth and can't seem to drudge up any enthusiasm for the story its weaving.

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