Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In Passing...Spellgame & Fell

Hey, sorry it took me a while to post. I had a rather busy week. I have two quick reviews for you today: Image's Fell #2 and Speakeasy's Spellgame #1. When I was going to Speakeasy's site to copy an image of Spellgame's cover, I came across this comic...
The solicitation reads as follows:
Kindly Corpses #1


Up until now, Dr. Hempel has lived a simple, reclusive life as a forensic doctor. But when bizarre corpses show up on his doorstep, and the Ministry of Death imposes new, demanding guidelines, the good doctor will learn there is much more to the world around him than he ever bargained for.

Featuring fully painted art by Ivica Stevanovic.

I'd never heard of this before, but it sounds pretty neat, I think.

But on to the reviews...

Fell #2- Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith's new series is shaping up to be quite a good read. The mysterious, disturbing town just creeps over the whole story, making everything seem rather unsettling, which of course, it is. In this issue, the ramifications of Rich's branding are witnessed, as well as a confrontation with Mayko, the crazy bar owner. A new mystery shrouds the town as foetuses are being taken from women. There's a really cool scene in a morgue at the beginning. Seriously, give this title a chance.

Spellgame is a new series written by Dan Mishkin, with art by Ramon Perez. The cover of the first issue is drawn by Darwyn Cooke. In this issue, we're introduced to a couple of conmen in Las Vegas who have an encounter with the forces of real magic, not the parlor tricks they use to swindle money from naive tourists. It's a rather intriguing group of characters in a series that seems to like playing with the readers' expectations, putting new twists on cliches. It's hard to know exactly what's going on in this first issue, as many magical creatures make startling appearances, but our main character is equally plagued with confusion and doubt at what he sees. It seems that magic is making a return to Earth and John Dodge has some part to play in a coming war. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun as the mysteries unravel.

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