Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fables: Homeland

Fables' "Homeland" story arc concluded its five issue run with #41 this past week. I think this has been the best story of the series thus far, on par with the graphic novel Fables: The Last Castle. The series overall, started out weak with an opening story where a Fabletown citizen was murdered, prompting an investigation by Bigby Wolf, but has been putting in some solid stories since then. A few bombs have littered the series here and there, but for the most part, it's been a really good read. Since the beginning of the series, the identity of the Adversary who drove the Fabletown citizens from their homeland has been a mystery, and this "Homeland" storyline is where we find out the back story of what's been going on back in the Homelands and who the Adversary actually is. I guess some people were able to figure out who it was, but I had no idea, not that I'd really put too much thought into it. There are thousands of fables, after all. But besides the enlightenment this story sheds on the history of the characters, we are also treated to plenty of great new characters, my favorite of which is the Snow Queen, a wicked woman who seems to be something of a right hand to the Adversary. Events in this story also followed up on things introduced in Fables: The Last Castle and some other little hints that have been dangled throughout the series. These five issues focus on Boy Blue as he infiltrates the homelands with some mystical weapons and encounters, of course, opposition. I don't know, I'm kind of a dork, but there's something really cool about this secondary, kind of "nobody" character, just letting loose and really kicking ass. I enjoyed it anyway. Yeah, Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham do a stellar job stearing this series in the right direction and man, you just gotta love those James Jean covers.

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