Friday, October 21, 2005

Ultimate Fantastic Four

I picked up the twenty-fourth issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four on a whim, just because I though the solicitations for the Tomb of Namor arc looked really cool - my first issue of the series. I wasn't too blown away by the differences between the regular Fantastic Four and this version. Sue throws tantrums ro something, Reed wears glasses and the Storms' mom may become a big adversary to the team. Nothing to really constitute an ultimatized team. I like what DC's doing with their All-star line, just giving creators complete control to tell something completely different for a change. It's like what Grant Morrison did for New X-Men should have been the Ultimate version of the team, because it was a refreshing, creator-driven take. Marvel's line just lacks that initiative that DC seems to be taking to get people really excited about the titles and actually make some really great comics. The Ultimate line has just become this thing where stories are retold by new creators, where readers are just waiting for the Brian K. Vaughan version of Apocalypse (when the original stories are just fine). It's just all kind of lame. It's not cool for new fans (as the line was originally created for) because they don't know the Mole Man from Namor anyways. It's just more of Marvel catering to their aging fan base, citing things as new and improved. Marvel needs to take a cue from DC and let creators go wild, sending properties out that are a radical shift, otherwise there's no real point. The bottom line: This underwhleming issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four is my first and last issue of the series.

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